Fujitsu Siemens introduces "zero-watt" Esprimo 7935 PC

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Fujitsu is planning on releasing a new Esprimo 7935 PC, which supposedly consumes no energy at all when it's powered off, as opposed to the one to four watts an average PC consumes unless it's actually unplugged. The PC will switch into in a low-power mode for a predetermined time period each day to get its necessary business done, after which it cuts the power off completely.

According to Fujitsu, the PC also comes with a power adapter that's 89 percent efficient and, to add a bit more eco-friendly cred, it also conforms to the EPA's new Energy Star 5.0 standard.

There is no word on specification just yet but the prices are reported to be between €600 and €700 (or $760 to $890) when it launches sometime around the middle of this year.


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