Freesat Review / First Impressions

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Ok so not an extensive review, but one of our readers was kind enough to provide some initial feedback on Freesat. The box was the Humax Foxsat-HD which is now available from Comet

Got the Humax receiver.
First impressions were how small.
Then came the disappointment.
It runs very hot, which means short life.
No diseqc switching, and when I scanned, most of what is available I can get anyway off a Comag from Lidl, and that has diseqc.
I will need to look at the numbers in more detail tonight, but I get BBC HD anyway off my Topfield.
My guess it will be a flop, at least for those of us in the know.

Unfortunately for me I am not one of them in the know and I am a little naive about satellite but the topfield mentioned above should be the HD Satellite receiver TF7000HT. I am not a huge TV fan so I think I will wait until all this Freesat malarkey becomes more mainstream.

5 thoughts on “Freesat Review / First Impressions”

  1. Cheers for the comment, Yeah I understand the basics I just dont see the appeal of it so far. What good channels are there in comparison to terrestrial freeview?

    Obviously the HD channels are a nice bonus but I couldnt justify the cost at the moment.

    I do understand that Freesat does not have the reception issues that digital terrestrial has, which is good, but is not much of an issue where I live.

  2. as someone interested in quality on a pioneer 42 inch plasma screen and through a very good av set up picture and sound far superior to my sky box on the humax and very similar to a pace hd reciever that never worked properly at £300

  3. i work at comet myself, sales advisor. i too am a little scepticle about the whole thing.150 for the hd humax plus 79.99 installation of the satelitte ( if you dont currently have a satellite )the main advantage is 80 channels over the current 40 channels that basic freeview offers, including such as more movie channels, men and motors, hd channels and more ( theres a full list on the freesat website or pop into comet where we have a leaflet with them all on it)the advantage is in the long run that amount of money you will save over the current sky packages and virgin packages where you need to pay £10 a month for the hd services. where as freesat is a one off payment and you do get the hd channels ( which will be increasing over time as this company developes)WHICH is why my advice for anyone reading this AS A COMET SALES ADVISER is to WAIT! , wait for 6 months at least!why? , 1.simply because sky will offer packages to compete with freesat, lowering their price of the hd service and sky+ service, as will virgin. after all the profits sky makes is incredible and they will have to compete IF freesat truly is the UK’s first free hd viewer.2. more channels will come out on FREESAT on the hd side of things as the company developes so you will have a better selection3. the price of the box itself will decrease ( due to sky lowering their prices although it is still £300 for the sky hd box)4. the box’s reliability will increaseAND , last but not least5. YOU’LL SEE IF THE COMPANY FLOPS OR NOT! whats the point in dishing out £200 for the box plus installation if within 4 months the company crashes??? leave it for 6 months or a year .. then decide whats the best option.p.s comet will be the first company in the uk which has a tv which includes a freesat box already built into it. ( coming out within a month)

  4. We have been testing the Freesat Humax on our gadgetsite
    Well first of all, nice that it is available for us guys in London. All that’s needed now is more freesat HD channels to make the most of its high definition capabilities.
    Don’t really like the EPG Presentation though.


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