Ok so the Yanks have had it for ages, dam you Microsoft for giving the Americans all the cool things first. Anyway, Microsoft has confirmed you'll get a whole five free HD-DVDs when you splash out a mere £114.99 on an Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive. With hi-def movies clocking in at around £25, you're basically getting the drive for free. When you hand over your cash, you'll fill in a form choosing five out of thirteen films. Films include Serenity, Children of Men, Swordfish, The Prestige and  Full Metal Jacket. Having to wait 28 days is a bit annoying but I think I am sold, I already have a 360 so I am only forking out £114.99 for a HD player AND 5 films, bargain!

Intrestigly enough I was considering getting the PS3 this Xmas but buying the HD and a PS3 might be a bit to pricey, and I already have a 360 and Wii so do I really need the PS3 yet? I would love to try out a Blue-Ray on my 46″ 1080p Sharp though, which could possibly come under stupid purchase of the year as I bought it at the start of the year and still do not have any proper HD sources yet!

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