Why Free Audio Conferencing Services Far Exceed Many Paid Solutions

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Conference calls are among the best communication solutions for companies that want to minimise their spending and enhance productivity whilst ensuring that all relevant parties are well-informed.  Conference call services can be intuitive, cost-effective and very environmentally-friendly when compared to the ecological impacts of ongoing efforts to meet in-person.  Surprisingly, one of the best ways to ensure ease-of-use and great value is by opting to use a free audio conferencing service.  These services provide a simple and seamless solution to many business communication needs.

Get Instant Access To Audio Conferencing Platforms

Given that free audio conferencing services do not entail long-term contracts or other complex, registration requirements, companies can get connected in a very short amount of time.  The registration process is typically straightforward and any related charges for making both national and international calls come directly through the user's own phone service provider.  Users are provided with unique PIN codes, which can then be shared with each call participant.  At the scheduled time, everyone can call in and connect by simply keying their shared PIN codes in.

No Restrictions On Accessibility

Many company owners ask the question, “Why pay for audio conferencing services when you can do it for free?”.  The most common assumption is that fee-based providers must be offering something that free services do not.  When using a free service, however, there are no restrictions on accessibility.  Local and international calls are all processed and paid for in the same way, which is directly through the phone service provider.  The audio conferencing service merely acts as a viable and easy-to-use platform for getting everyone together.

What Companies Can Get With A Free Service

One major benefit of using a free audio conferencing service is the ability to sidestep the time-consuming process of seeking dial-in details each time a new call is being set-up.  Users can rely on an Outlook Plugin to quickly invite call participants.  Not only is this much easier, but it also gives important team members more time to focus on the specifics of their calls and other vital aspects of their business operations.  Each participant can be given the PIN code for connecting along with the connection time, via the Outlook Plugin.

Getting set-up to use a free service takes mere minutes.  Users can read through the terms and conditions of site membership and submit their email addresses to receive their free PINs. There is no need to read or commit to lengthy contracts and no monthly or hidden charges to plan for.  Per minute landline and mobile charges for each call as they will appear on the user's phone bill are clearly listed so that there are never any unpleasant surprises.  For businesses that do not use conference calling on a regular and consistent basis, per minute fees via phone service providers can be far cheaper than paying monthly rates for a service that is only used sporadically.

Free Services Have Impressive Capacity

When it comes to capacity, free services are just as efficient and reliable as services that are fee-based.  Companies like Conference Now maintain various service points throughout the US and the UK, allowing for impressive capacity and reliability.  Full redundancy is additionally ensured by a number of secure systems for data delivery that are housed in multiple data centres.  This set-up allows for a comprehensive disaster recovery plan for business continuity and optimal availability.  Thus, even when unexpected events occur, free service providers can be counted on for seamless and hassle-free communication solutions.

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