Four Major Uses of the Instagram Search Feature

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Instagram remains the number one photo sharing app on the Internet. As at last quarter, it was reported to have signed up over one billion users. Being under the umbrella of the Social Media giant, Facebook, with their huge depository of resources, they don’t show signs of stopping that growth any time soon.

One major, if not the most popular, feature on the Instagram app/website is the Search feature. A very important and helpful feature, Instagram Search Users has confirmed.

Listed below are four things Instagram Search Users can get from the Search feature on the app.

  1. Makes finding friends fun and easy: Social Media without friends is no fun. The first benefit of social media is the easy connection it avails us with our friends. Just a few clicks and we are exchanging messages, selfies, “ussies”, videos and other sharable web content. Instagram Search Users can easily find their friends using the feature. All they need to do is go to the section of the app that houses the feature and type in the name of the friend or the username. Instagram will run a quick search and bring up relevant results in seconds.
  2. Users can find their favorite celebrities: The mass media has given us the opportunity to discover so many talents in the world of music, movies, comedy, polity, business, social enterprise, etc. Our love for their talent and expertise made them become celebrities. Some are so good and talented we want to be informed about their every move. Social media offers the chance to do just that. By just simply typing in the name of the celebrity in the search bar, Instagram Search Users can find their favorite celebrities and keep up with them. The Explore section in the Search section helps users discover new celebrities to follow as well.
  3. Users can find their favorite brands: Instagram currently has 25 million active business pages. That is 25 million brands available for users to follow and keep up with. Some users are so in love with certain business brands that they want to know all about them at any instant in time. Their special offers and announcements, they never want to miss them. Instagram Search Users, with the search feature, can find their favorite brands in just a click of a button and follow them.
  4. Users can find content related to hashtags, follow hashtags and also get real-time updates: Hashtags help social media networks categorize information. During certain periods, hashtags related to popular activities or events trend. These hashtags help social media platforms categorize information. One can easily find content related to these hashtags by searching for the hashtags. One can also join the conversation about any topic on social media using the relevant hashtags. With the help of the Instagram Search feature, Instagram Search Users can easily find content related to certain hashtags. This can give them real-time user-generated update on Instagram. They can also follow hashtags; a new feature introduced by Instagram. This helps them keep up to speed with activities related to that hashtag.

Now you have them, four key uses of the search feature on the Instagram app.

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