It’s payday. You’ve got well-earned money in your pocket, the rent and bills are paid – so why not treat yourself to a swanky bit of tech?

If you are shelling out for something new and shiny, you’ll need to think carefully about exactly what it is you want and whether it would be of good use to you. If you’re thinking of running a small business, you won’t be able to conduct online edits to your site particularly well from a smartphone – but if you’re looking for something altogether more casual, a desktop computer system might be a bit of an overkill.

If you’re still a bit confused after this little guide, take a look at this tool to pick your perfect device.

What do I need?

It goes without saying that the cheaper the item, the less it can do. Do you really need all that extra memory, or those additional USB ports?

Some key points to consider:

–          Do I want to use this device solely for internet browsing/social networking?

–          Do I want it to be portable?

–          Do I want to play games on it?

–          Do I want a big screen?

Laptop or desktop?

Laptop sales have increased dramatically in the last few years – the ease and practicality of being able to pick up whatever you’ve been working on and go has proved all too tempted for many a technology-lover, but desktop computers haven’t exactly been left in the dust yet.

If you want something with a lot more power to it, pick a desktop computer. If you want all the joy of a portable computer, a laptop is a sure bet. If you want something that you’re planning on just browsing the internet on however, perhaps a tablet would be a better pick that a laptop.

Put it on the tab…

Tablet sales were set to take over the sales of PCs in the final financial quarter of last year – smooth, portable and packed with apps and games, tablets and smartphones are creeping quickly up the popularity ladder when it comes to technology.

A tablet may well be the right choice for you if you want something to pass the time when you’re on the bus – but tablets (and many smartphones) have much more to offer than you might first think.

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