How about if that treasure was £10,000? Money&Co. have launched an online Fortune Finder game in which players have the chance to win an investment fortune of £10,000 and five prizes of investment worth £1,000.

The Fortune Finder lasts for 10 days and features six hunts. During each hunt, participants must decipher clues in order to find the hidden gems on the Money&Co. website.

How can I win?

Each gem provides a unique code and participants must obtain the codes from all six hunts to have the opportunity to win the £10,000 grand prize. People will be able to unlock secret entry forms for the mini prize draws of £1,000 which will become available every two days. The hunt began 3 days ago, so get playing now!

Where can I play?

The game is easily accessible on smartphones, tablets and computers as it is browser based. This means you can hunt for the treasure wherever you are. Updates about the £10,000 Fortune Finder can be found on Twitter by following @MoneyandCoUK and by using #10grandhunt. Money&Co. can also be found on Facebook, and a Twibbon has been set up so that everyone can load the gem onto their social profiles. You can start discovering gems from Wednesday 12th November by clicking on this link.

What is the hunt for?

Money&Co. are simply launching the hunt to show how easy it is to invest money on their site. They want to promote the message that making money shouldn’t be so hard. They’re also giving an extra incentive to invest to all the lucky winners!

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