What are your experiences with home automation?

We are looking at doing a series of articles on home automation as it is something we fine very interesting. We love the idea of automating simple task and making our home more efficient, and well, we just love being geeks.

We are currently trying to source a couple of systems to try out, but the cost of them means it is unlikely we will be able to review them all. So we would love to hear your experiences with home automation? We are particularly interested in hearing about brands that are available in the UK such as X10, Insteon, Z-Wave and LightwaveRF. Is it as great as we hoped? How extensive is your installation?

Companies are also welcome to contact us and provide information and prices of their systems, we would also love to be able to review any system if possible

Email us @ info@mightygadget.co.uk or fill out the form below:

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