Everex Cloudbook vs Asus EEE PC

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Ok so the ASUS Eee PC has been out for a little while, and Everex are planning to ship the “Cloudbook” UMPC shortly (release date was supposed to be 25/01/08). The Cloudbook appears to be aiming at the  Eee PC market but how do the two UMPCs compare to each other?

Asus Eee PC 4G CloudbookCloudbook
Price $ 399 399
CPU 900MHz Intel 1.2GHz, VIA
GPU Intel 910GML Express VIA UniChrome Pro IGP
Memory 512 MB DDR2 512MB DDR2
Storage 4GB S.S.D. 30GB Hard Disk
Display 7″ 800×480 7″ 800×480
OS Linux Xandros gOS Rocket Linux
WiFi 802.11b/g 802.11b/g
USB 4 2
Ethernet 10/100 10/100
Card Reader SD Secure Digital 4-in1
Battery Life 3 Hrs 5 Hrs
Weight 1.96 lbs 2lbs

As you can see the spec are quite evenly matched, the main difference worth noting is the 4GB Solid State Disk compared to the 30GB Hard Disk. The extra 22Gb is nice but Solid State provides a performance boost over the slower hard disks with the Asus reportedly booting in 15 seconds.

Possibly the biggest issue with both UMPCs is the 800×480 resolution which will make browsing a lot of web sites quite annoying. However I presume screens with higher resolutions will increase the price / size / weight of the devices.

5 thoughts on “Everex Cloudbook vs Asus EEE PC”

  1. What we have here, IMO, is the beginning of the Really Cheap Laptop race. There will be more of them soon, competing for lower price, lower weight, better specs – but within the limits of the ‘weight category’ though.

    It’ll be great news for those of us – like me – who see their laptop as a glorified, Internet-capable, typerwriter.

  2. Yeah it does look like that and it can only benefit the consumer.

    Ideally I would like an 11″ version that would allow for a higher resolution. Similar to yourself when it comes down to a laptop I only really browse the web, do some basic word/excel stuff so I don’t need a huge powerful laptop. However the 800×480 screen of the Cloudbook and Eee PC is a bit too small for my liking.

  3. Well, smaller means cheaper. Eventually, I suppose, a variety of computers will evolve to fill in the gap between really-cheap-really-small lappies and really expensive uber lappies from hell.


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