EssayPro Mobile App is Coming Soon!

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EssayPro Mobile App is Coming Soon!

Plenty of ambitious and experimental writing apps have entered the market in the past years. Most of them focus on improving a student writer’s efficiency or productivity. Apps like DragonDictation even take your notes in class. There is no need to kill trees for the paper when you’ve got an app that transcribes voice into text so effectively.

But there is a scarcity of apps which can actually do the writing for you. Students often need to catch a break from stressful deadlines and rigorous essay writing. That’s when they turn to essay writing services to complete their work.

EssayPro is trustworthy and user-friendly writing app

The service itself has existed for around 20 years. Over this time, EssayPro has improved and evolved from a little-known site to a market leader. They boast a quality of writing unparalleled by their competition, and this quality is guaranteed through simple steps which place full control into the hands of the client.

Based on what we know so far, this app is a mobile version of the website which aims to place quick essay writing into the palm of your hand. Through this app, you can get help with essay of any category or any field of study. They hire designated writers sorted by their specialty which is extremely handy when finding the perfect writer for the job.

Another exclusive feature of EssayPro is the direct client to writer communication. This feature is valuable as communication is essential for the writer to create the product you want. Though the chat, you can request to view the progress of your professional writer as well as add ideas and proofread the work before paying for it. None of this “pay to see the preview” rubbish.

Most students who use these kinds of services are worried that their information might get leaked online. Fair enough considering how much data leakage even Google faced in 2018. Luckily here you can easily register with a fake name and email address as they ask for nothing more. All payments are done via e-wallets and encrypted for safety.

The app will be a SPA (Single-Page Application) app, meaning it will look like your typical Gmail or Facebook app. This makes navigation as fluid as ever. , and unlike their competitors, this service has a taste for fresh, innovative design ideas.

All of the services from the website will feature in this app: writer expertise, reviews, and ratings, a friendly customer support team – all of it. EssayPro does not shy their writers’ feedback into the background, instead of welcoming it and using it as a selling point as most of these writers are certified professionals with real client feedback available right on their page.

But apart from implementing all the features of the website, the app shies away from experimenting with new features. With so many grammar checkers and academic sources apps, you’d think that essay services could go a little step forward and include these handy features.

Here’s what we’d love to see from future essay writing apps.

An In-App Grammar and Punctuation Checker

To ensure that every writer is truly submitting quality work, it would help to have a simple grammar checker implemented in the app. Especially considering the bad cred these kinds of services get for hiring non-native speakers. Paying $30 a month for Grammarly can be annoying for students. Adding a simple grammar checker would revolutionize these services.

Open Sources and Essay Outline

All students know how their professors are hellbent on the source material. They want only the best and most reliable journals to be cited – not some random blog on the internet. Having an open source list where both the writer and client can see which sources are used in the essay can make a huge difference. Additionally, the client should be able to view and edit the outline of their composition at any time.

Pay For Progress

A pay for progress feature will help the app and the service itself appear more trustworthy in the eyes of the students. Many of these services pop up and disappear as scams. EssayPro isn’t like that – they are a professional service, but that doesn’t mean that students will trust a “professional service” with their wallets. A feature like pay for progress adds to the general transparency for the service and can genuinely change students’ minds on whether they should use it.

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