Epson: front runners in printer performance and innovative technology

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For some time now Epson has been a leading brand in the field of printers. This is due in large part to the innovative range of technology that the company's machines are based on; Epson has for years had an emphasis on using new technological processes to enhance performance.

This innovative spirit can be traced back at least as far as 1969, when Suwa Seikosh – the company that would later be known as Epson – revealed the first quartz watch in the world, dubbed the Seiko Quartz Astron 35SQ. This was before the company became so closely equated with printing technology, of course, but even now Epson manufactures a wide range of products – although it seems certain that printers will be the company's chief focus.

In 1994 Epson released a colour printer named the Epson Stylus CLR; this product boasted both good quality printing capabilities and an affordable price that made it accessible to everyday computer users, not just offices.

Today's Epson printers make use of what is known as Micro Piezo technology. This technology is based around piezo elements, which are designed to alter in shape in accordance to electrical signals; these piezo elements apply ink to media by generating pressure.

As a result of this process Epson printers are able to achieve a great degree of accuracy, more so than machines based around the comparatively crude process of inkjet printing. Images printed using Micro Piezo technology are far finer and more specific; the process also lowers the amount of ink used, providing an additional environmental benefit, and is faster than inkjet technology as well. On the whole, it is the ideal choice for both home and business use.

Epson is continuing to develop its piezoelectric technology and recently unveiled the Epson Micro Piezo TFP Print Head, which has been billed as the single most sophisticated example of the technology. Its nozzle has a ground breaking density of 360 dpi, making it simply the finest piezoelectric print head to hit the market. Most recent releases including the WorkForce pro, is an example of the design’s ability to reduce cost for the consumer.

Outside of printing technology, Epson is a key player in the field of projection equipment. Epson became involved in this area in 1989 when it released the VPJ-700 projector, and over the years it has continued to improve its projection technology with devices such as the EB-450Wi that was released in 2010. More recent projectors are based around the New Epson Cinema Filter, which provides high contrast footage and strong colour quality. As with the company's printers, the projectors that are designed by Epson are prime examples of cutting edge technological innovation.

As a new world of technology continues to be built around us it looks certain that Epson will retain its key role when it comes to innovative, world-changing devices.

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