Electric Vehicles for Those with a Disability

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In recent years there has been an enormous shift towards electric vehicles and away from petrol and diesel. This is because more and more people are becoming eco-conscious, but also because of the Government’s clean air plans and the cost of fuel. Electric vehicles are a fantastic alternative and certainly the future, but what about for people with a disability?


There have been many fantastic adaptations and innovations over the years which have made it possible for people with a wide range of disabilities to safely operate an automobile. Many of these have been adaptations to petrol or diesel vehicles, but there are also many terrific electric vehicles that can be used by individuals with a disability. Additionally, many people with a disability find it easier to drive electric vehicles because there is no manual transmission.

Electric Automobiles

Electric vehicles are best for those that travel shorter distances, but they can also be ideal for a disabled individual that simply requires independence and the ability to travel around the local area. Electric cars are available as part of the Motability Scheme, including Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAVs) and adapted cars. These are ideal if you or the person that you are caring for needs to regularly make longer trips or to transport luggage or travel with other passengers.


If you or the person that you are caring for only requires shorter journeys, a good option is a mobility scooter. Places like Mobility Solutions have a wide range to choose from and a type to suit every need. This includes folding scooters, medium scooters and road scooters (which can be used on the roads and are capable of higher speeds). These are an easy, comfortable and efficient way for somebody with mobility issues to enjoy freedom and independence and many allow you to carry luggage too.


Regardless of the type of electric vehicle that you have, it is important that you have a charging point fitted at your home by the manufacturer’s electric partner. You may also need access to off-road parking if it is an automobile to have the home charging point fitted.

The green car revolution is underway, and we are seeing more and more electric cars on the roads. Fortunately, this is also happening with vehicles for those with a disability and there are excellent scooters and automobiles available to those with a wide range of disabilities. The technology is constantly improving and developing in terms of efficiency and adaptations available, so the future looks very bright for eco-friendly mobility whether it is driving an adapted automobile or travelling by mobility scooter.

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