Effective Ways to Gain More Video Views on YouTube

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Effective Ways to Gain More Video Views on YouTube            

If you use Facebook or YouTube for your online business, and you want to advertise products and services using video, what you'll quickly notice from the very start is that gaining more views is quite a hard task. Since there are some important factors you must take into account in order to get better results, in this article we'll examine a few practical ways that could help you.    

Video optimization

This generally applies for YouTube videos and requires you to take care of four essential things: title, tags, description, and thumbnail. Keep titles simple and avoid making them look like a clickbait. Build it around your main keyword and tailor it towards your target audience. It's best to use not more than 10-12 tags per video and focus on some keywords that relate to the topic of your video. By picking the right tags, your video will appear in the “suggested video” section when someone is watching a related video.

When dealing with descriptions, don't try to outsmart Google's algorithm. Your single goal should be to describe what the video is about and what could a person learn after he/she watches the video. With thumbnails, you could use images related to the topic of the video in your custom thumbnail, and edit it to include text overlay, using a keyword-based title on the video topic.

Make ads experiments

Although you’ll need to commit some capital, running sponsored ads (as seen on marketing platforms like Clicksdealer.com) is still one of the best ways to get highly-targeted views for your videos. Using YouTube ads will help you target your ideal audience and make it aware of your new videos, and perhaps also subscribe to your business channel. You can run advertisements that appear before or while people are watching other videos (in-stream ads) or ads that appear in the YouTube search listings (search listing ads). Neither of them is perfect, which means that the best thing to do is to experiment both and see how your views count evolve.

Optimize silent playback

Applying to Facebook videos, silent playback seems to be generating more video views. Around 85% of views on Facebook videos are without sound, and if users are choosing this option, your videos should include a few essential things. In order to keep them until the end of the video, make sure you add captions or subtitles, given that the publisher gives you the option to add a .srt file or generate captions using an editor.     

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