Duracell – The World’s Most Successful Battery Brand

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Every day, Duracell products sell by the million. The brand is so well known that someone with extremely high levels of energy is referred to as a “Duracell Bunny” after the company’s pink battery-powered mascot. And they’re the biggest selling battery manufacturer in multiple territories all over the world.

Yes, the world loves to buy Duracell batteries, online, in supermarkets and in convenience stores. But what makes Duracell so popular? Is it a triumph of quality, or of branding? Let’s take a look at the company’s history and products to see just why Duracell is the world’s most successful battery brand.

What’s in a Name?

Before we begin, did you know why Duracell is called what it is?

It’s a portmanteau word – a combination of the words Durable and Cell. But Duracell isn’t so named because its original cell batteries were any more tough or durable than the competition.

It’s because an executive from P.R Mallory – the company who would become Duracell in 1964 – had a conversation with the owner of the A-1 Durable Carpet & Fabric Specialist company. They mentioned they’d also owned a brand called Duraclean. The executive loved the term and it inspired the name we all know so well.

Duracell – a Quick History

As you’ve just learned, the Duracell name didn’t come until the P.R Mallory company had been making batteries for over 40 years.

The first Mallory battery was launched in the 1920s. By the late 60s, Duracell were called Duracell and had formed a partnership with the camera firm Kodak.

Kodak had just invented a camera which included a built-in flash, and needed a compact, reliable and high-powered battery. This led to the invention of Duracell AAA batteries, and history was made.

A few short years later, and the brand had made the first batteries to land on another world. That’s right, many of the electronics for the Apollo 11 moon landing were powered by Duracell batteries!

Over the next 50 years, Duracell would expand to become the world’s undisputed number one personal battery manufacturer, developing and launching a whole host of new batteries and products for consumers all over the world.

And that’s been the secret to Duracell’s success. Their products.

The Duracell Product Range

So, let’s take a look at that product range now.

If we say the word battery to you, what do you think of?

Something about the length of your thumb, that’s black with one copper-coloured end?

That’s a Duracell AA battery. Other batteries don’t look like that. JCB batteries are blue and gold, Energizers are silver, and Panasonic have a copper stripe. It’s testament to Duracell’s popularity that when we think of a battery, we think of a Duracell!

But the range includes far more than just AA alkaline batteries.

The Duracell “Simply” and “Plus Power” ranges include all the batteries you’re familiar with – the copper top AA, AAA and C batteries, along with 9v and other sizes of battery.

Then there’s the Duracell rechargeable ranges – Duracell Recharge Plus and Duracell Recharge Ultra, both of whom use market-leading technology to create re-usable batteries that are suitable for all manner of high-drain devices.

There’s even a range of hard-wearing (should we say durable?) Duracell Industrial batteries in a range of sizes!

Whether it’s because their brand is synonymous with batteries, or just because their range of products outperforms many of their competitors, Duracell has become the world’s most successful battery brand.

What do you think is the reason? Are Duracell batteries just better, or is this a triumph of branding? Let us know in the comments section.

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