Duchess of Cambridge to stage photography exhibition?

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She is used to being one of the most-photographed people in the world, but the
Duchess of Cambridge (formerly known as Kate Middleton) has expressed an
interest in putting on an exhibition of her own photography in the next few years.

Photography is said to have been a great passion of hers for some time. In fact,
her university dissertation was on the photography of Lewis Carroll, author of Alice
in Wonderland. She is at present said to be working on her portfolio of snaps with
a view to exhibiting them in a public show, possibly to raise money for the several
charities she has recently become patron of.

In her short time as a member of the Royal family, the Duchess has travelled a lot
with her husband, Prince William, so it would come as no surprise if a few ‘holiday’
snaps work their way into her collection!

It’s not known if she favours any particular brand or type of camera, or whether she
prefers analogue or digital cameras, but other budding photographers looking for a
camera to take away on their own travels should see what Panasonic has to offer.

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Plus, image stabilising technology means that a shaky hand won’t spoil spur-of-the-
moment snaps!

Once you’re back from your holiday, why not take a leaf out of the Duchess’ book
and put on an exhibition of your own? By plugging either the camera or its memory
card directly into your television or PC, you can showcase your snaps with ease.

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