So you want to learn to DJ?

Good for you. Learning how to DJ is a fantastic hobby and if you get good enough, it could turn into a lucrative profession. Thanks to technology, you now have access to the very best DJ equipment ever made, but what DJ gadgets are the best for beginners, and where should you be putting your money?

Let's take a look.

Pioneer HDJ500

A good pair of DJ headphones are essential for any beginner. One of the best DJ headphones for under £100 are the Pioneer HDJ500s. These headphones feature a 40mm dome type driver that delivers a frequency range that equals the low end of more expensive headphones. These headphones offer strong lows and mids and they're ideal for mixing purposes. They have a high volume output and a detachable straight cable that's one metre in length. 3.5mm jacks as standard but 6.35mm adapters are included.

These headphones cost around £80 online.

Pro-Ject Essential II Turntable

The Pro-Ject Essential Turntable is a beginners turntable that delivers class-leading sound quality at a fantastic price. It has a low resistance platter and ultra-quiet synchronous motor to reduce vibration, a feature usually only reserved for top specification models. The tone arm is perhaps the most fantastic thing about this turntable – it's a single piece of aluminium with sapphire bearings to minimise vibration and provide a crisp sound. Two of these and you'll be ready to go.

Superfi’s Project Essential Turntable is priced at £199.

Numark M6 USB

A high quality and flexible mixer is essential for good music. The Numark M6 USB is an affordable DJ mixer with a three-band EQ and four segment LED meters. Three channels are dedicated to switching between phono and line sources whilst the fourth channel can be used to line or for an additional aux microphone input. Cutting and scratching is not possible on this mixer, but it's a good starting point for club DJ's.

This mixer costs around £150 online.

Ortofon Pro S Stylus

If you're after a low-cost yet high quality stylus, then the Ortofon Pro S Stylus is hard to beat. For use in conjunction with the Ortofon Concorde Pro S cartridge, this stylus benefits from a spherical design and top build quality. The diamond shaped stylus is perfect for beginner DJs and the solid cantilever is designed to survive heavy usage on your turntable. Whatever the setting, this stylus offers a huge level of versatility.

The Ortofon Pro S Stylus available at Superfi costs £27 (click here).

Monster Go-DJ

Revealed at CES 2014, the Monster Go-DJ lets you play and record tracks from your digital music collection. It is an excellent on-the-move gadget with two touch screens that are highly functional, and let you capture loops, scratch and add sound effects to tracks. The centre has silver knobs to cue tracks and control volume and cross fade. Whether you're a beginner DJ or a season DJ, this gadget is excellent.

It costs $599.95 in the US direct from the manufacturer.