Digital stethoscopes: a safety bonus for doctors and patients in the face of the coronavirus

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When we think of doctors, the first image that comes to mind is that of a person in a gown with a stethoscope hanging around his neck.

Until recently, this tool, also known as a stethoscope, seemed to be immune to the evolution of medical instrumentation, as its current external design differs little from that of the 1950s.

All this has changed with the advent of the new digital stethoscopes and a good example of this is the new eKuore Digital Stethoscope, an essential instrument for safety in times of COVID-19.

Conventional stethoscopes versus electronic stethoscopes

The traditional stethoscope requires close contact between doctors and patients, which is a risk for both, especially in this day and age.

In addition, they are not easy to disinfect, so there is a persistent risk of the physician catching a contact infection or infecting another patient.

Also, the person to be auscultated may be connected to noisy assistive devices, and the physician's protective equipment may muffle or corrupt the sounds of the patient's heartbeat or breathing.

All these drawbacks are avoided by using the new digital stethoscopes, which also offer a number of advantageous complementary features.

Features of digital stethoscopes

Let's see what these are:

Remote auscultation

In particularly contagious environments and pandemics, remote auscultation allows complete isolation between doctors and infected patients.

For the record, during the last Ebola crisis in Africa, medical teams sent from developed countries used only digital stethoscopes.

Recording and sharing auscultations

The electronic stethoscope allows the information to be recorded and sent wirelessly to electronic devices.

Recorded auscultations can be attached to the patient's record and shared with other doctors or specialists.

Additionally, a multidisciplinary team located in another ward or hospital can listen to the auscultated sounds and make decisions remotely, as these devices can be connected to videoconferencing and telemedicine platforms.

Digital stethoscope bells are detachable and replaceable

Bells can be easily disassembled for cleaning and disinfection.

If we have several sets of bells we can replace them on the fly between each auscultation.

Various volume levels with the best sound quality
The sound quality is far superior to that of any conventional stethoscope and the volume can be adjusted to suit our preferences or environmental needs.

Electronic stethoscopes, an ideal solution for medical professionals with hearing impairment

In addition, special stethoscopes, such as the eKuore Pro Amplified Stethoscope, designed for medical professionals with hearing impairment, are now available on the market.

In addition to the general features of digital stethoscopes, the following extras are added:

  • Increased auscultation volume and sound quality.
  • Remote connection to headphones.
  • Headphone jack connector.
  • Heart and lung filters to optimise auscultation quality to the maximum.

Its use is not restricted to doctors with hearing problems, as some doctors who hear perfectly choose this latest type of digital hearing aids to further maximise the quality of their auscultation.

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