Digital Dialects: What is the Best Language for App Development?

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In 2017, over 197 billion apps were downloaded between iOS and Android. That more than 20 times the amount of people on the planet. That also means that developing an app is a great way to establish yourself as a digital leader.

You'll be able to reach an untold amount of people just by making a good app. You just need a good idea and the knowledge on how to make one. Yet, one of those things is easier to come by than the other.

It can seem like you need a computer science degree to know the best language for app development. The truth is that developers simply enjoy the mystique around their creations. Anyone can develop an app by learning a simple programming language, or by using one of the many app development tools out there.

Keep reading below to learn which programming language is right for you to make your app idea a reality.

HTML5 For The Web, And For Web Apps

The internet is built with HTML code. It's a simple language which organizes and displays different kinds of information so that users can view and interact with it. That's all an app is – a webpage on your phone.

If you know how to make a webpage, you know how to create an app. You just need to redesign the layout so it works on phones instead of web browsers.

The Best Language For App Development On Android Is Java

When most people think about app development, they think of iPhones. They think of Apple's app store and the sleek, modern design Apple is known for. Yet, that's not where most app users are located.

Android is actually the most popular operating system in the world. Outside of the US, people use it because it's cheaper and more adaptable than Apple's iOS. And almost all apps on Android are written with Java.

So to reach most people in the world, you should write your app with Java! The language is adaptable to most pieces of technology too – it runs everything from your microwave to your TV. Not only will you reach more people, you'll also be able to program more than just apps.

Swift For Quick iOS App Development

Apple used to require apps to be written with Objective-C to be listed on the app store. Then, they made their own programming language – Swift. With Swift, almost anyone can program an app.

The language is open source, which means there is a community you can rely on to help develop your app. It's also easy to understand and read, so you can help anyone else with their app. And best of all, it's compatible with Objective-C.

By using Swift to make your app, you essentially learn two programming languages at once. That makes you a stronger programmer overall, not just for app development.

Use The Language You Know The Best

The strongest language is the one you're most comfortable with. Sometimes, people prefer to develop an app in a language like C before adapting it to modern systems. However you approach it, the best language for app development is the one you want to use.

New programmers may be intimidated by the sheer volume of languages to choose from. The best advice for them is to do their research on different languages until they can find one they're comfortable with. And for that, just keep reading here so you can learn what goes into each language and how they're used.