Devolo 1200 Mbps WiFi ac repeater Review

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I have always been fond of devolos’ powerline products, they are the best in the business and the powerline system, in general, is the best performing alternative to wire ethernet.

However, they can work out a bit expensive and dependant on your needs they could be unnecessary. An alternative cheaper solution is the use of a WiFi repeater, this is a device that you put in between your main router and the weak WiFi areas in your house, it connects to the WiFi network then boosts its signal.

The latest release from Devolo is the 1200 Mbps WiFi ac repeater, which costs just £49.99. In comparison, their 1200+ Wi-Fi powerline kit costs £159. Compared to some other competing brands it is a convenient size too, just plugging into your socket, Netgear, for example, have a repeater that’s shaped more like a normal router.

Set up is extremely easy, you just need to plug it in and then setup via WPS, PC or smartphone. Unlike some of the powerline options, this does not have a pass-through plug, so you will have to sacrifice a plug socket. It is also highly recommended to plug directly into the mains rather than an extension, as this would negatively affect your speeds.

Setting up via WiFi you just need to connect to the Devolo SSID then browse to http://devolo.wifi and then you just need to follow the basic set up instructions.

In terms of performance, it will always struggle to outclass the powerline adaptors, as it is just rebroadcasting the signal it picks up, so any loss in speed between the router and the repeater will affect the rebroadcasted signal. For your average user, not transferring huge files across the house, this shouldn’t be an issue.

I have some experience with other brands repeaters, but no exact speed comparisons. However, I found the Devolo to be highly stable and made a significant difference in my weak spots around the house. It certainly seems to outperform all the other units I have tried in the past.

Overall, if you have weak spots WiFi spots around your house, and don’t need the performance of powerline then the Devolo 1200 Mbps WiFi ac repeater is a great investment.  Currently, the cheapest place I can find to buy it from is Box at £46.00 with delivery from £3 you can also find other retailers for the devolo WiFi ac Repeater here.


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