DeskWall, a new standard in visual ergonomics

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GESAB, leader in the conceptualisation, design and execution of control rooms, has developed a revolutionary way of working that enables a large amount of data from different sources to be managed with just a keyboard and a mouse.

Madrid, 20th June 2017– The way we work has changed radically in recent years, requiring a large amount of data sources to managed and controlled simultaneously. Our daily job is increasingly complex. Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT) involve the generation of a huge amount of data regarding which we need to make quick, precise decisions. However, the tools available today fall short when it comes to intuitive management.

This is the starting point of DeskWall: a new dynamic, ergonomic, flexible and collaborative KVM system that enables absolute, centralised control of different data sources.

The development of large format, curved and ultra-panoramic screens opens up a wide range of possibilities when it comes to having a canvas upon which to locate different data sources, from your own computer to different external applications, web services, IP video, streaming or remote desktop, all managed with just a keyboard and a mouse.

A review of visual ergonomics standards has made a new work philosophy necessary. The flexibility of the DeskWall system enables it to adapt to any need, which is particularly important in critical environments where making fast, efficient decisions is key. It is especially aimed at control center operators who deal with high stress levels, such as those working in emergency, traffic, airport, trading room, cybersecurity or industrial process control rooms.

While the official global launch is today, DeskWall has already been presented at different international exhibitions in Spain, Dubai, Holland, South Africa and the United States, and has had a spectacular reception. In the words of Joost Jacob, Specialist Consultant in CCTV, “DeskWall is the solution we have been waiting for. It is simply brilliant. The control room concept we had until now needs to be revised. The possibilities are enormous.”

DeskWall provides many benefits in the corporate, operations and personnel areas, increasing operator productivity and company profitability in the short term, in addition to optimising energy efficiency by requiring fewer monitors. Greater visual and ergonomic comfort reduces stress and the risk of having occupational diseases.

The system’s capacity for development is unlimited, since it works in versions with new functionalities and integration into the actual control consoles, creating the Smart Consoles concept, a new revolution in control rooms around the world.

About GESAB, S.A.

With over 25 years in the market, GESAB offers solutions for the conceptualisation, engineering, design and implementation of comprehensive projects for critical environments 24/7.

Specialising in data centers, control and decision centres, and audiovisual solutions, it provides clients with high added value innovations with a highly professional and qualified team, with the purpose of offering an excellent service.

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