Dell Mini 5 “Streak” Tablet

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With Ipad on the horizon it’s time for the adversaries to start flooding in. Although we’ve talked about a few in the past, of what will be challenging the iPad, with its imminent arrival, what will be its imminent competitors. Well Dell looks to be one of the first with its Mini 5 tablet. Also known as the “Streak” this was first shown at a San Franciscan tech show earlier in the year as well as a prototype demoed at CES. Now it’s almost here in Blighty.


Specs wise it definitely means business. Firstly there’s the 5” WVGA capacitive touchscreen(bit small in comparison to the iPad, not much bigger than your largest smartphones) which Dell says will be running the “latest version of Android” . Now does that mean 2.1 or the “coming soon” Android 2.2 (see next post for details on this). The slate will also have a 5Mp camera with flash and autofocus and the usual gubbins of WiFi, Bluetooth and that all important 3G connectivity. It will also have Amazon Kindle intergration for all your eBook requirements.


Dell has gone on to say that they have a distribution partnership with O2 Telefonica in Europe and the Streak should be with us in the next month with a later release in the States sometime in the Summer. However we don’t have any price details.


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