Dell Lightning : First Proper WM7 phone

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Despite Windows Mobile 7 being in our knowledge banks for quite a while nothing has really surfaced in regards to new phones using it only some dodgy leaked photos of a prototype LG that surfaced. Well now a new leak suggests that Dell are looking at releasing the “Lightning” a vertical slider like the N95 or Palm Pre and the images look quite nifty.


The suggested specs are also pretty good too, 3G connectivity with an upgrade to 4G when the network comes in 2011. Snapdragon power at 1GHz, 1GB of Flash memory, 512MB of RAM and all shown on a super 4.1” OLED screen. So the brains look good what else? Well a 5MP camera, GPS, FM Radio plus the usual accelerometer and compass too will put it on par with the current crop of top end smarties. What makes this one stand out though is a supposed “FULL FLASH SUPPORT”. Microsoft had said that on launch Windows Mobile 7 wouldn’t have full flash support yet the Lightning should be due out not long into the first wave of WM7 phones……. confusing


No price or exact release details just expect it in the latter part of this year.


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