Debunking Myths About Slot Machines

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Players have been interested in gamblings maybe since time out of mind. In the previous century, mechanical slot machines were at the top of popularity. And currently, gamblings quickly entered the online world. So all people interested in the excitement prefer to play online slots. But for all of their existence, many myths were born. Let's find out what are the top 5 popular myth about slot machines. You can read the article, and then play free slots for fun to check all myth on personal experience.

Causes of Myth

In general, there are three big causes of myth which generate them again and again. We suggest readers to  you first become acquainted with them, and then you will learn more about them:

  • trying to create a unique strategy and Calculate the probability of loss;
  • comparison of virtual slots with ground-based mechanical devices;
  • search for the culprits of unsuccessful spins in the management of the casino, which did dishonour.

The work of slot machines differs from the work of Roulette or card games. There are not so many outcomes of the game in Roulette and the probability of each of them is known in advance. For example, the probability of winning with a bet on one number is almost 3%. The player knows this and therefore perceives such events adequately. But in terms of slots, it's a differ story. Online slots are subject to a random number generator and each spin is unique. The outcome can not be predicted. And the probability of each individual event is not known. So there is a huge amount of delusions.

Myth 1: There Are Special Patterns For Getting Wins

According to the myth, the player may identify a certain pattern with the help of which he would get the desired result playing online slot. This pattern can be found during the game for fun. And then in a game for real money it brings a great success. Sometimes these unique systems and strategies are free, sometimes these strategies are sold for a big money. Both are helpless.

The fact is that user can not apply any system or strategy to slots. They obey only the random number generator. All slot machines give out the results absolutely randomly, so the only strategy can be progression and doubling (like Martingale).

Myth 2: Differences Between Demo And Play For Free

Some users agree that slots have different Demo and Game for money versions. And in the demo version it is easier to win. But really the demo version and game for money are the same. This refers to licensed gaminators of famous brands. Repeated testing of various platforms confirms the identity of RNG almost all manufacturers.

Myth 3: If The Slot Gave A Jackpot Recently, To The Next Big Win Is Very Far

This is also a lie. In fact, a gaming machine can issue without a problem a couple of large payments in a row, because there is no connection between different rotations. Slots are programmed so that the wins are distributed more or less evenly. That is, after the loss of the big jackpot for a long time there may be small winnings. But it is possible (although incredibly rare) the case when two jackpots fall out in a row. At least several large losses in a row did not change the overall statistics of the results.

Myth 4: Three-Drum Online Slots Give Less/More Than Modern 5-Reel Analogues

This myth came from the halls of real casinos, where gamblers played old school machines and new models. Three reel gaminators were a little bit easier and gave prizes more frequently. More modern at that time slots with 5 drums were not so generous. However, in the world of ground slot machines this opinion is true. But concerning the up-to-date gaminators, all is not so. These machines can be dispersive or not, they can give 90% or 98% RTP. But these differences are not connected with a number of drums. The number of drums does not affect.

Myth 5: Virtual Casinos` Owners Deliberately Reduce the Percentage of Slots Return Rate

During periods of terrible plums, emotional players tend to think irrationally. They can blame casino owners that their slots had reduced RTP. But actually, no one cannot influence on statistical data except software vendor. Licensed gaming machines work as intended by the developers and always correspond to the RTP 95%, 96%, 97%, etc. Pirated slots and copies of original games may have significantly decreased RTP. So, it is important to choose a casino with licensed software. Because in another way, such games can steal players` money.


Gamblers should know about all these common misconceptions, especially if they are going to play slots regularly. Thanks to this they can better understand the essence of the slot machines and the features of their work. And this, in turn, will allow players to get more pleasure from the game and even earn some money.

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