Are there still people out there without a smartphone? I know for a fact there are, but it’s hard to imagine. I think we can agree that most people own a smartphone and use it constantly. We just love playing games like Candy Crush, browse on the internet in the subway and we show our selfies, belfies, shelfies and welfies to the world. You use mobile data on the network of your provider. Maybe you have a montly prepaid plan, databundle or you buy Pay as you Go on a site like to top up your phone credit. Data usage consists of the amount of MB’s you send and receive. The more mobile data you use, the happier you’ll make your provider, because mobile data doesn’t come without a price.

Let’s talk about data and apps

WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are amongst other apps you use every day. Though they don’t use the same amount of data, these seemingly innocent apps can be secret data-suckers. Your data usage might be higher than you expect, due to the fact that apps tend to keep running in the background.

Despite the infamous blue double check, WhatsApp it’s still being used a lot. Luckily the app doesn’t cost you a lot of data, even if you send 100 message a day. The number will go up if you use WhatsApp to send and receive loads of pictures and video’s. And talking about video’s, we know watching video’s on YouTube makes a boring trip less boring, however… don’t do it! If your data is important to you, don’t do it. I once used my mobile phone to watch tv shows online in the train (my laptop died and I have needs). The WiFi connection wasn’t great back in the “olden” days so I used my mobile data. I received a warning about my data usage in no time. If you watch a 10 minute video on YouTube using mobile data, it will cost you a whopping 400MB. The same goes for listing music on Spotify. Half an our of streaming and you will have used 1000MB.

In the end it’s important to keep in mind how to use apps and how long you use them for. Try to avoid mobile data whenever you can and use wifi instead!

Tips to avoid too much data usage

  1. We’re going to say it again, use wifi as often as you can (and don’t forget to disable mobile data when you do)
  2. Adjust the email, maps and location settings on your mobile phone
  3. Enable the “Only-on Wi-Fi” options for your apps in the mobile phone settings
  4. Close an app accordingly (and pressing the return button is not closing accordingly)
  5. Watch out with streaming
  6. Only download or updata an app when you use wifi

Download a data monitoring app, such as Data Usage Counter Pro (you will need Google Play Credit for this app).