Cutting Edge AI Camera That Will Change the Realm of Autonomous Cars

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Well, what looked like only a dream close to a decade ago has now become reality. Welcome autonomous cars. Some years before, leading car manufacturers had already started working on telematic devices and driver-assistance technologies.

Some of these technologies include; the automatic vehicle location system from EyeRide to help passengers detect current vehicle location. Real-time surveillance cameras to monitor driver and passengers. There are also remote car control systems that allow the cars to be controlled from remote areas during an emergency.

Nonetheless, companies are now working round the clock to deliver self-driven cars that will forego human assistance entirely.

Autonomous cars need a combination of sonar, cameras and next level artificial intelligence to take care of everything and to replicate human assistance. Current AI systems unfortunately can be sluggish and take up a lot of physical space.

New Artificial Intelligence Technology

Recently, engineers from a leading university have devised a new cutting-edge artificial intelligent camera. This camera is smarter and energy efficient, what's more, it won’t take up too much physical space.

A Hybrid Camera

Ideally, the camera is made by combining two computer models into one, the first being an optical computer and the other a digital electronic computer. Looks like a lot of information right there, let me break this down a little bit.

The Optical Computer

This is the first part of the AI camera and what it does is it manually preprocesses the picture or image data and filters it in dynamic ways using light. Besides, this camera which is still at the prototype stage wholly depends on light and does not use any power.

This optical computer does help in energy conservation and time that would have been spent on digitally processing the images collected.

Digital Computer

After the image data has been filtered and preprocessed, it is then forwarded to the digital computer. Herein, the remaining processing is completed through a significant number of massive calculations.

Fast Decision Making

Self-driven cars rely 100% on the artificial intelligence system to make rapid decisions in the shortest time possible. However, as mentioned earlier, the shortcomings of current AI

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