How CRM software benefits manufacturers

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Customer relationship management (CRM) software helps organisations streamline their business. With a manufacturing business, there are generally many departments that all needs to integrate with each other seamlessly. A small communication issue between departments can result is drastic consequences for the business.

All your departments can work as one. A good CRM will be able to manage all information flow for every part of the manufacturing process. The customer, design, production, product creation and delivery can all be managed in one place.

Know more about your customers. You can manage every one of your customers and know everything about a customer’s projects from design to development to delivery. A comprehensive list of information can be held on the customer, from personal information, customer budgeting trends, and past orders. This allows you to up-sell, cross-sell, and just generally communicate with your customers better.

Manage a project from beginning to end. With all departments working as one within a CRM such as Sage 200 software you can manage your work from initial quote through to dispatch, delivery and receipt.

Get a smoother customer-to-production process. A good CRM such as Sage can reduce the need for sales and customer service representatives. Customers can place orders online, and communicate directly with the company, viewing and managing their order as it goes along.

Increase customer response times. Reduced customer service representatives, and being able to communicate directly with the manufacturing company reduces response times, cutting out a middleman that often lacks the experience to help with customer enquiries. This leads to improved customer satisfaction and retention.

Control materials and eliminate waste. Having all departments work seamlessly together, and being able to communicate with the customer directly helps reduce waste. A company should be able to reduce problems with overproduction or excessive waste caused during the production. A CRM can also set alerts to flag up when you’re running out of something or help you forecast what you may – or may not – need. This will reduce production time, improve profits and again, improve customer satisfaction.


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