Could HTC be buying Palm

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Business gurus Bloomberg announced that electronics company Palm, makers of the Palm Pre has gone up for sale and early reports suggest that Taiwanese mobile company HTC are interesting in buying the company in an attempt to strengthen its foothold in the mobile market and then hopefully challenge Apple as top dog.


HTC has shown itself to be a great inventor and designer in the new mobile market with top sellers such as the Hero, the Tattoo, the Touch HD and now with the superb HTC Desire and Legend. Now picture them taking over Palm. Palm’s Pre phone and WebOs platform although not met with total success by the public but are great, plus the knowledge they have in the field already after being in it for so long could propel HTC as a frontrunner in the market.


Other advantages is that Palm employs a lot of former Apple employees, their SEO Jon Rubenstein was one of the original developers of the iPod and we all know the success that has seen. Chinese computer firm Lenovo is also believed to be interested in a takeover too, but to be honest I’d rather HTC took the plunge and grabbed it and further produced some cracking phones to take away the dominance of Apple.


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