Cooler Master’s 5-CPU single-case PC

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Cooler Master shows off a "because we can" mod of a five quad 2 core CPU system (20 x single cores) stuffed inside of a single ATCS 840 PC case. 53GHz worth of computing power. A Cooler Master 1000W Real Power M PSU was used to power everything. And they used 2.5 HDDs to reduce power consumption and noise. CPUs were water cooled, everything else was air cooled.

System Highlights

  • 53GHz in one ATCS 840 chassis
  • 5 full systems in one ATCS 840 chassis
  • 5 x Intel Core 2 Q9400s (20 x single cores)
  • 2GB RAM per system (10GB in total)
  • ATCS 840 x 1
  • Real Power M1000W x 1
  • 6 x 12v+ rails each fully utilized (1 for each system and 1 for the 5 x ODD plus 5 x HDD)
  • 3 x 200mm fans plus 1 x 120mm fan
  • 5 x water pumps with 1 radiator
  • After 5 continuous hours of full load – 66 degree Celsius on hottest core, 30 degree Celsius ambient temperature, chipset 38 degree Celsius



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