It seems despite O2’s successful trial of LTE that we talked about yesterday, its them pesky Scandinavians always beating us to high speed internet(shakes fist). Swedish operator TeliaSonera have said today that they will launch the first 4G network. The company is going to trial it’s service with its users in the Stockholm area of Sweden and the Oslo area of Norway in the early part of 2010 with Finland coming shortly after.


As we said yesterday we’re going to be looking at the end of next year before we get 4G mobiles, TeliaSonera are allowing users to get download speeds up to 100Mbps using a laptop and a new Samsung mobile dongle.


Ericcsson has put the infrastructure together in Sweden whereas the Chinese company Huawei who’ve just done those tests near Slough we spoke of, are setting the Norwegian side up. Still its all good news and for once shows that Britain won’t be lagging too far behind for a change.


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