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As the unveiling has passed for another year from Apple and as we all knew and expected another year of new iPods. Now obviously I’m all for new technology and gadgets(hence why i write on a blog about them) but I’m getting to a stage of frustration where every year Apple bring out a new set of iPods that aren’t really much better than the last generation. Well this year they haven’t disappointed with only slight changes, but the nano seems to get the major upgrade. Click on for all the info

Well its pretty much the same again, no real change to the way the iPods look this time just spec changes really. As we’ve already touched on the touch with its capacity increase and CPU improvement, the classic sticks to the same look but gets a hefty capacity increase to 160GB……………………. That’s it. The shuffle sticks with the buttonless design that came out not too long ago but now comes in a variety of colours


The Nano is the only one to get any real change, well quite a bit really. Firstly its aesthetics stay the same in the size department but now have a glossy paint finish. Its also still available in 8GB and 16GB. It now also sports a video camera, microphone, voice recorder, FM radio, the voiceover technology found in the shuffle, a pedometer and Nike+ extras. Apple have compared the camera to that of a Flip Video camera but state the nano has extra features and larger capacity than your bog standard flip cam. Video taken on the nano will also be very easy to place up into YouTube once plugged into your Mac. Price should pretty much stay the same as the last generation too.


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