Competition: Win a Foobot Indoor Air Quality Monitor

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To celebrate Black Friday, and the run-up to Christmas we are running a few competitions for some of the review samples we have received this year.

First up is the excellent Foobot Indoor Air Quality Monitor, which is a great addition to any home automation set up, and is very useful for any family that has people with asthma-related issues.

Some of the features the Footbot include the ability to monitor Volatile organic compounds (VOCs), Particulate matter (PM), Carbon dioxide (CO2). It provides a nice visual feedback in the form of glowing LEDs.

It works on Android and iOS with the app being really well designed and user-friendly.

You can then integrate it with other home automation systems such as IFTTT, or directly with Nest and Lux GEO thermostat.

Living in Blackpool we were not surprised that our air quality was quite good around the house, the is not much traffic or industrial areas around here. However, it was quite surprising at how quality the air quality drops when cooking.

Competition: Win a Foobot Indoor Air Quality Monitor

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