Should you collaborate or go it alone when building apps?

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You’ve created and crafted a brilliant idea for an app and after much planning and preparation, your idea is finally ready to be turned into an app. If you’re well versed in app development, then there comes the consideration of whether to simply build the app yourself, or whether to bring others into the project and build it as a team.

The two options have their own benefits and limitations, which are discussed here in this guide from app builder tool, Yappi. Read on to discover the best route for you to take, when it comes to building your dream app.

Consider your skillset

The first thing you should think about is how developed your own skillset is, before choosing whether or not to manage the app’s development single-handedly. If your skills are quite basic but you want to work independently on the app, it’s worthwhile considering using an app builder tool, to help you create a simple yet sophisticated app.

If you have spent years being trained in the world of app development and have a well-rounded knowledge of how the process works, then there should be no need for you to have to collaborate.

Think about the complexity of the app

The level of detail that is expected to go into the app, along with the variety of features you are hoping to provide, can help you determine whether to go it alone or work with a team of developers.

It might surprise you to discover that when the complexity levels are quite high, it’s wise to work on the app independently. This has been suggested by Ramon Casadesus-Masanell of Harvard Business School and Esteve Almirall, when they collaborated on a mathematical model of product complexity.

Not only can the number of features confuse the development process of an app, but so too can a multitude of people working on it. When these two complexities collide, it becomes very difficult to manage the project as efficiently as you might hope. As such, it’s advised that if you have the skillset to work on an in-depth app, you should consider working independently.

The same goes for a much simpler app, too. There’s no need to involve other developers into a collaboration, if you are able to do the job yourself without any fear of it all going wrong. Bringing more brains into a simple project might confuse matters and create barriers that didn’t need to exist in the first place.

Collaboration is perfect for situations that lie somewhere in the middle of these two scenarios. If you have even the slightest of concerns that you might not be able to fulfil the development yourself, for whatever reason, it’s wise to at least seek the advice of others, before then choosing whether to embark upon a collaboration.

The middle ground

If you’re dead set on creating an app alone, but would like an extra eye on your ideas and progression, then there’s always consultation.

An expert consultant in the field of app development can assist you throughout your development, by offering advice and recommendations as to how you can improve your app, or if they think you’re heading in a direction that could cause vulnerabilities in your development.

It’s well worth taking the time to think about the ins and outs of both collaborating or going it alone, before kick starting your app’s development. Don’t rush into anything and you’re bound to end up with an app that’s just what you had in mind, if not more.

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