Cloud Gaming Could Mean Mobile and Browser-Based Gaming Become Even More Dominant

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You could be forgiven for having little to no knowledge about the new wave of cloud-based gaming services making their way to the forefront of the games industry – but only on the proviso that you have been living under a rock for the past year and a half. For, in that time, our awareness and understanding of this new service has been forever changed.

From tech giants Amazon (Luna) and Google (Stadia) to games industry leaders Xbox (xCloud) and Blade (Shadow), the pursuit for dominance with this latest iteration of streaming as a service – also known as SaaS – has already reached got itself underway.

Of course, the introduction of cloud gaming has not occurred within a bubble – it has, whether planned of coincidental, coincided with the ushering in of a new, and much anticipated, generation of gaming. With the release of Sony’s Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5 console – both of which were billed to be the future of the entire industry – it seems as though a strange juxtaposition is settling in.

On the one hand, we are all clamouring to get our hands on a powerful console – but, on the other, we are gradually turning to streaming services capable of circumventing the need for powerful hardware, and enabling a more flexible approach to gaming.

As fascinating as it is, it is also clear that only time will tell whether the cloud or the consoles will come out on top. What is for certain, however, is the growing dominance of one of the oldest gaming platforms around: the PC browser.

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Browser-Based Gaming: The Current ‘State of Play’

Anyone with even a modicum of knowledge of the gaming industry will be able to identify the browser’s leading gaming genre. Browser-based gaming destinations like GGPoker offer a mode of gameplay that has been honed to perfection for casual PC users (and, of course, the mobile browser/app) in such a way as to dominate the entire platform.

Outside of the iGaming world, there are, of course, those stragglers who have remained available on our browsers since the days of Flash – but their significance pales in comparison when compared with those online poker rooms and casinos that draw in millions every year.

How Cloud Gaming Could Bring the Browser to the Fore

Cloud gaming will, of course, find its own place within our browsers. While the leading services boast an enviable list of Triple-A titles (and some exclusives), they cannot compete with the iGaming giants of the world.

They can, however, pose a worthy threat to the gaming hardware that, for many years now, we have all come to covet. From the consoles to the high-spec gaming CPUs and graphics cards currently behaving like gold dust on the consumer market, gaming hardware is growing increasingly unnecessary as cloud-based services grow increasingly capable of servicing gamers’ requirements.

As a result, those platforms which rely on nothing but a solid internet connection – in other words, the browser – are no doubt already undergoing the early stages of a revolution, and once again placing two of the most profitable niches within the gaming industry side by side: Triple-A, and iGaming.

We cannot yet see the extent to which the cloud will replace the console, and time will be the only deciding factor in this race. As a limitless space that has already seen remarkable and sustained popularity for decades, the browser offers an excellent new focus for a more accessible mode of gameplay – but it may be the case that some of us are not yet ready to hand over our consoles just yet.

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