Clothes shop to sell Tablet PC, whatever “NEXT”?

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The world is slowly but surely going crazy. In the old days PCs were massive and clothes shops sold clothes. Well now it seems with the sudden rise in popularity of tablet PCs and the change in direction retailers are going with Supermarkets selling anything and everything and HMV selling clothes, it’s clothing giants NEXT who are well “next” to sell something different with their “Next 10” tablet”


Specs are :

  • 10" WXGA LCD “single-touch” touchscreen display
  • 2GB of internal storage (with 8gb Micro SD card)
  • 1GHz ARM 11 processor
  • 802.11b/g WiFi
  • 2x USB ports, microphone and headphone sockets

It’s not fantastic by any means, and the 3 hour battery life means it’s not going to last long outside the house but certainly if you just want a simple tinterweb browser whilst your sat at home on the sofa then this will pretty much do the job. The tablet can be bought from the Next Directory and is priced at a bargain £180.


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