Christmas Gifts For 2013

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Although it’s only September you’ve probably noticed the supermarket and high street store shelves being filled with Christmas stock for a few weeks now and as much as everyone is attempting to refuse to acknowledge Christmas when autumn hasn’t even officially started yet, it’s creeping up on us so fast that you’ll soon be unable to ignore it.

Certainly the UK’s most famous and probably up there as one of the world’s most famous toy shops Hamley’s know how quickly Christmas is upon us which is why they published their list of the top ten gifts for children in June this year. As Christmas is now less than 100 days away it’s inevitable that your thoughts will soon turn to the gifts that you can buy for your loved ones for this year’s big day.

This year it seems that interactive pets are the top toys with the new Furby Boom, Teksta Puppy and Chasin Cheeky all featuring in the top ten. Some of the toys on the list, like the Furby Boom, are a reinvention of classic toys that were popular many years ago with a modern twist.

The all new Furby Boom is the latest in a line of reinventions since the original release of the Furby around 15 years ago and when linked to the Furby Boom app on an iPad, iPhone or other smart device you can play a game which will allow you to create your own Furby city with interactive food and Furby babies known as Furblings. The new Furby Boom, just like last year’s Furby is set to top the list of best-selling children’s toy of 2013 and as Christmas edges closer there’s no doubt that there’ll be plenty of children out there awaiting the arrival of the new Furby Boom courtesy of Father Christmas.

This year’s list of top ten doesn’t come cheap though so if you’re planning on spoiling your loved ones with all ten gifts then prepare to be left with a hole the size of almost £550 in your bank balance. There are plenty of popular gifts out there that haven’t made the top ten though for example, another children’s favourite that never seems to fall in popularity are the latest video consoles and even though the price tags are pretty high they always seem to be top sellers. The release of the Xbox One and Play Station 4 in November and the release of the popular game Grand Theft Auto V in a few days’ time will mean that there are many children – and adults – out there who will be queuing  up to get their hands on one of the latest gadgets.

One thing a lot of people always forget at Christmas time is probably the most obvious and also the cheapest item and that’s batteries. Although all of these gifts are great, none of them are any good without batteries for controllers, interactive elements and to give some toys the ability to walk and talk. In order to avoid being looked at with a disappointed face on Christmas day as those big eyes look up at you lovingly for the batteries that will bring their new favourite toy to life, make sure you stock up on them early and buy some every time you buy a gift or head out to the shops because you really can never have enough.

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