Without a reliable thermostat on your HVAC system, it becomes so much trouble attaining a comfortable temperature for your home or room. However, with the right thermostat, these entire troubles end, as temperatures will keep being regulated at all times. The last 10 years have seen great improvement in terms of technologies used in thermostats. With this improvement, more brands have joined the market, a situation that has made choosing only one a challenging task. To help solve this problem, we conducted a thorough research on the best models in the market and how they perform, then came up with a comprehensive buying guide for all prospective thermostat buyers with small apartments.


The ability to have your thermostat temperatures set once and having it use this setting to regulate temperatures at required times without intervention is one property that every homeowner craves. Depending on the level of programmability you prefer, there are three types of thermostats you can choose from. These include the smart thermostat, programmable thermostat and the manual thermostat.

Smart thermostats have sensors, may be Wi-Fi enabled and can detect the surrounding temperatures and adjust them accordingly even without you having to set them. You can also control them via an app or a remote controller. Programmable thermostats on the other hand, allow you to make different temperature settings for different temperature periods in a day. Manual thermostats are not so technological and require you to set the temperature you want, and when you want it changed, you have to adjust it manually. In order of convenience and programmability, the smart thermostat tops the list, followed by the programmable thermostat and then the manual models.

System Type

Depending on the size of your apartment, you have three options to pick from. The first one is the single-stage thermostat that comes with one output level, then the two-stage thermostat that features two output levels, and lastly, the three-stage thermostat that offers three output levels. Generally, for smaller apartments, the single-stage and two-stage models offer sufficient heating and cooling as per your desired settings. Some of these thermostats may also offer multi-heat or cool functions such that it supports multiple hot or cold air systems that can be controlled separately.

Remote Access

Convenience is one asset that every device should offer in this contemporary era. Everyone needs a system that requires little to no human intervention, and one that doesn’t necessitate physical availability of a human to work. For instance, a thermostat that can be controlled remotely is a dream come true for most homeowners, especially those who spend most of the time away from home. The best thermostats can connect to the internet via a Wi-Fi connection and you can control them remotely by using an app, web interface or remote controller. With the app or web interface, you can easily monitor your apartment’s temperature even when away from home and adjust temperature settings accordingly if you observe them dropping or rising from your desired ambience. Some of these thermostats are also compatible to smart home automation systems and can be controlled alongside other compatible devices to bring out the best of your home.

Energy Efficiency

 Apart from newer thermostat models being better equipped from their energy regulation task, they are also better at conservation of energy. Unlike older models that only allowed a single temperature setting, the modern models such as the Ecobee thermostats ensure better temperature adjustability and programmability to ensure that minimal amounts of energy are used to produce optimally regulated temperatures. Some modern models of these thermostats also allow you access to energy output reports that will guide you on which particular thermostat adjustments are necessary.

Even better at energy efficiency are the remotely accessible models such as the Ecobee thermostats, that can be scheduled to heat up or cool down your apartment only when needed. Ecobee thermostats are actually the best in the industry, and most other manufacturers look up to them for inspiration. With the more detailed information about Ecobee thermostats you can find here, you should be able to understand the best features you need in a thermostat.

Ease of Installation

The best appliances and devices should always be easy to install. Even if you require a professional electrician to do it for you, it is best if the system is easy to set up, maintain and even repair. Some of the easiest thermostats to install are DIY kits that may only need you to mount onto a wall and plug into a power outlet. The models that are more complicated to set up may necessitate the tweaking of your apartment’s wiring, which will definitely require some expert knowledge of installation. Models that are easier to set up and maintain will greatly reduce the effort, time and money you incur in the process.

Device Compatibility

When talking about compatibility, the thermostat should seamlessly connect with other devices and technologies in the home. If your apartment qualifies as a smart home, then make sure that the thermostat is compatible with the smart home automation technology used, and that it can smoothly interconnect with the other devices within the system.

The second compatibility you need to consider is the control device used to control it remotely. Make sure that the device used, whether a tablet or smartphone, is compatible with the app used in controlling the thermostat. If it is a computer, make sure that the web platform you are using is also compatible with the technology used in controlling the thermostat.


Apart from keeping your apartment or room’s temperature regulated, a good thermostat has the power to save you a lot of money in cooling and heating bills. While it may be costly, the features that a high quality thermostat comes with are so energy-efficient that the amount of money they save you is enough to cover their cost in the long term. Following the above guide, tips and techniques to the letter, will help you get a thermostat that will stay with you for longer, make your home cozy and save you money. In addition to this, it helps to seek recommendations from people who have used your brand of choice before, friends or online reviews. This will give you first-hand information and advice on whether to invest in it or find an alternate model.


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