Check out Razer’s first ultrabook the newest gaming PC on the market!

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Razer have been making some big noise recently on the PC laptop gaming scene and they’ve done this by announcing their first ultrabook gaming laptop the Razer Blade Stealth. Previous Blade laptops from Razer have been undeniably great but have been much heavier devices, now Razer’s new blade stealth ultrabook is only 0.52 inches thin and weighs 2.75 pounds which will really attract a lot of people.

When it come down’s to actual specs every Razer Blade Stealth ultrabook model is powered by Intel’s latest Core i7 processors and you’ve got the choice between a 12.5-inch QHD or UHD touchscreen displays. But one of the things that makes this laptop really stand is the fact it’s currently the only laptop with individually backlit RGB keys, which means you’re able to really customize the colours and effects on the Blade Stealth. Alongside this there are two regular USB ports and a new Thunderbolt USB Type-C port designed to charge and connect monitors and accessories.

In terms of graphics some sacrifices have been made in order to create a smaller and lighter laptop as Intel’s HD 520 powers the Blade Stealth, which won’t be great for the latest high demanding games but will be fine for casual ones. However Razer has a solution for this that transforms this laptop into the only gaming PC your need with its new Core accessory, which is an external desktop graphics enclosure. The Core accessory is like a miniature PC and can house most PCI Express graphics cards from Nvidia or AMD, you just need to just stick the card in and the enclosure connects to the Razer Blade through the Thunderbolt USB Type-C port. Once connected the Razer Blade will receive power and four additional USB ports at the rear of the Core, alongside an Ethernet port.

Overall this laptop is a great device as it allows gamers to buy this regular powerful ultrabook for everyday tasks, and transform it into a full fledging gaming PC, you’re even able to change and upgrade the graphics card freely. When it comes to pricing Razer are aiming to be really competitive as the base model is priced at $999 with the high end at $1,599, which is fair price considering what you’re getting for you money if you’re interested the Razer Blade Stealth laptop is available to order today.

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