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EBay has had an option to create collections in the US for a while now and today they have launched this feature in the UK. Collections allow buyers and sellers to create a social gathering of products that they like or find interesting, it is a bit like Pinterest but for products available on eBay.

To celebrate the launch of the collections we have created 12 of our own which include various product categories we feel are relevant to our readers which will help you find the latest gadgets available to buy today.

You can view our collections homepage here or go to specific pages listed below:

  1. The best phones and accessories for 2014
  2. The best AV equipment for 2014
  3. Our top 15 headphones and earphones for 2014
  4. Our Dream PC
  5. Make your home smarter with these 15 gadgets!
  6. 15 Must Have Gadgets for the Kitchen and Home
  7. Fitness Gadgets: Get in shape for 2014
  8. Laptops for work and play
  9. 2014 best tablets by Mighty Gadget
  10. Our top gadgets for the guys
  11. Our top 15 must buys for the Xbox One
  12. Our top 15 must buys for the PS4

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