CES : LG LZ7900 : Biggest LED 3DTV EVER!

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CES has been in full swing the last few days and there’s been an absolute plethora of fantastic gadgets for us all to salivate over from TVs to mobile phones, Tablet PCs to Digital and Polaroid Cameras. First on our list of many is a new LED 3D TV from LG. The details of which were leaked just before it’s official announcement from the Korean electronic geniuses (or is it genii……)


At a whopping 72 inches diagonally the panel, unlike your average LED TV has a full array of LEDs, not just the edges or here or there, a full panel. Put this alongside LG’s TruMotion 400Hz technology, allowing for super fast picture and 3D image processing capabilities the images produced from this telly will be phenomenal and probably the smoothest 3D currently available even despite the screens behemoth size. Also the TV will offer LG’s Smart TV functionality allowing the user to access premium content from various sources all through the Home Dashboard as well as LG’s own content apps


Other extra features to whet your appetite are DLNA connectivity for media streaming across your home network. Media Link and USB connectivity not to mention the local dimming option with “micro pixel control”.


Coming sometime in the early part of this new year you’ll just have to wait and see what the price is. I imagine reasonable from LG.


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