The mobile voice technology has emerged as one of the handiest applications for smartphone users with the facility of performing operations without using hands. The voice command enabled service allows users to call, launch a Google search for almost anything without having to type a word. The good news for those enjoying the benefits of the application is that Google Assistant has swept the Internet platform with its voice assistant service. The ability of the app in helping access emails, calendar and maps have attributed to its high rolling popularity.

Consumer Electronics Show at Las Vegas witnessed Google being the best Voice Assistant service

CES 2018- US biggest tech show demonstrated several options for using the voice assistants, especially for those who have been using their smartphones but hadn’t identified the varied potential of the app, but Google seemed to have burst the popularity charts! The crowd gathered at the Las Vegas convention centre in January indicated Google’s popularity compared to that of the fellow exhibitors. Google offered smart mini speakers to people for free with many enthusiasts queuing up to experience the Google assistant service.

Though Android already had the basic voice recognition service, the advanced software seeks to foster smarter home controls, access to YouTube and a plethora of services through Voice Assistance. Its arrival on the cars with Android-auto seems quite revolutionary though several competitors such as Amazon, Toyota, Ford and Hyundai too have displayed similar intent. Across CES, Google’s innovative step stood out the most. After all, who can ignore the comfort of accessing all smartphone controls from your driver’s seat? The latest enhanced technology can benefit the online gaming world too in many ways, especially the mobile casino gambling facilities are booming.

With frequently upgraded smartphones and tablets making a debut in the market, the voice-controlled service will certainly prove fruitful enabling greater accessibility and smoother playing ability. Imagine the convenience of playing your favourite online slots and various casino games online at Vegas Mobile Casino through your voice. Isn’t it exciting? With Amazon’s Alexa being introduced on Windows PCs, Microsoft’s voice assistant Cortana may too feel the chill, yet amidst many, Google gleamed.

The use of voice-controlled mobile casinos

The ability to play Blackjack or Poker hands-free or using them occasionally, while you are on the move is certainly a privilege that comes along with the benefits of advanced voice technology. This means that players will not be required to spend time on typing, clicking or swapping touch screen every time. The advanced voice controlled casino games supported by the Google software can provide optimal gambling experience to players at online casinos like Vegas Mobile Casino. However, some disadvantages can surface such as even though you may have the liberty to use the hands-free service, your complete attention is indispensable for the duration of the game. Secondly, there could be possible risks of the voice recogniser performing inaccurate operations, thereby increasing the danger of losing money in casino operations both for the players and the operators as well.

Overall, the news does point out to the fact that the voice-controlled service is going to change the way the world is functioning. Whether it will be beneficial or not in different operations is a question that only time can answer.

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