CES 2016: Samsung Announce 2016 SUHD 4k TVs

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CES 2016 has officially started and several of the big names have held their press announcements. As you would expect the Samsung one had the 2016 TV line-up.

Samsung are sticking to their guns with the LED quantum dot screens rather than the arguably superior OLED screens that LG are pushing out.

Samsung said all of its 2016 models will get 10-bit, HDR displays with 1,000 nits of contrast between light and dark images. It's also using new tech it calls Ultra Black that “absorbs natural light the same way [as] a moth's eye” does, providing deeper blacks with less glare.

The result means you should get picture quality that is pretty amazing without the cost of OLED (but still probably expensive).

The top of the line model (KS9500 SUHD) is curved as you would expect, but also now have a minimum bezel, which we think looks fantastic, and after our Panasonic review we are coming round to the curved screen trend.

The smart features have also received a nice upgrade with Smart View mobile now working on any PC, Android or iOS device and not just Galaxy phones or tablets. Apps like Crackle, Plex and Vimeo now support it, allowing you to share content with other family members with the app.

Samsung have also expanded the gaming features bumping the number of streaming Playstation Now and downloadable games to 500. New PS Now titles include Assassin's Creed II and Batman: Arkham Origins. You will need a DualShock 4 controller to play them though.

One of the more interesting features is the integration of SmartThings with the new TVs. The latest SUHD TVs will act as a hub for your smart home stuff, but at the moment we don’t have much details about exactly what the new features will do.

You can find the latest Samsung SUHD tv's at any online shopping comparison website.

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