Samsung Galaxy Q : The S but smaller

We’ve spoken about the Galaxy S quite a lot recently mainly due to the fact it looked great before it came out and all we keep reading from other sources is how great it is since it’s release. Samsung phones in my opinion have always been just “alright” never exceeding the strengths of Nokia of … Read more

Samsung Galaxy S2 : Rumours

The Samsung Galaxy S hasn’t been with us long but the super 5 star rated blower is apparently getting an update early next year, according to Russian “internets” types. Now rumours are exactly what they are, RUMOURS but apparently the Ruskies are very much on the ball when it comes to Samsung mobile rumours and … Read more

Samsung Galaxy S :Pre-Order on Vodafone

The Samsung Galaxy is S is receiving a lot of good press from it’s Super AMOLED screen, super fast processing abilities and above all its HD content. This week also saw the announcement of iPhone 4.0 and Samsung were quick to judge and slam the Cupertino’s baby’s screen, claiming it wasn’t a patch on their … Read more

Samsung Galaxy S : Fast Android Phone

The Samsung Galaxy S looks like it’s aimed at killing off the Google Nexus One and looking at it’s spec and what Samsung say it does, it looks definitely worthy of the top “Droid” phone title which looked destined for the HTC Desire at the moment, but this one looks equally as good if not … Read more

Mobile World Congress : Samsung Beam I8520

Obviously Samsung are straight out the blocks with the future of their phones in Barcelona. After the Wave S8500 comes the I8520 “Beam” phone.   Again we’ll see the new Super AMOLED this time at 3.7” of super sharp colourful greatness. However what differs this from the Wave is the “I” part of the model … Read more

Mobile World Congress : Samsung Wave S8500

With Mobile World Congress happening right now in Barcelona, expect a plethora of new mobile phone tech to bombard us over the coming week.   Firstly we have Samsung’s Wave S8500. Basically this is the updated version of its popular Jet phone that debuted last year. What makes this better you ask? Well it’s Samsungs … Read more

Samsung Galaxy 2

The Galaxy 2 is an up and coming phone from Samsung to battle against Google’s Nexus One for the top Android phone.   Like the Nexus One this baby is powered by the 1GHz Snapdragon and will deliver the goods through a 3.7” AMOLED screen and then alongside this will pack a pretty modest 5MP … Read more

Samsung 12MP Phone with Optical Zoom

SCH-W880 is the name for the new phone from the Korean masters. As per usual they were trying to keep details “hush hush” but someone somewhere got hold of press material prior to when they should have. The leaked info, an advert, suggests that the phone will be released shortly but no exact date, and no exact place.


The advert in question however is branded with Korea’s “Anycall” logo which suggests that the W880 will definitely be out in South Korea soon but doesn’t tell us when and if its coming out here in Britain. However Samsung have never been stingy to us Brits and it wouldn’t be surprising if it was out over here sooner rather than later.


Specs :

  • 12MP with 3x Optical Zoom
  • 3.3” WVGA AMOLED screen
  • microSD
  • Wi-Fi
  • GPS
  • Bluetooth

Click on to see the advert.

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Samsung’s turn to announce some new phones

Earlier today Samsung released two devices are a part of its “mobile convergence plan” to “reinforce its status as a leader” in the mobile industry. The first two announced were the Omnia Pro B7610(rumoured to have been called the Louvre) and Omnia Pro B7320. The B7610 is the slider keyboard/touchscreen phone, the B7320 is a … Read more

Samsung announces the Lucido

Samsung have announced the latest addition to there candy bars. The Lucido, Italian for sleek, is the replacement for the Samsung U800 and sports many of the features of the Tocco Ultra. The Lucido retains the brushed metal look of the U800 and adds on the following features: 2.2-inch AMOLED display a-GPS (with built-in Google … Read more