Microsoft Announce Surface 3 running full Windows 8.1

It looks like Windows RT could be finally dead, Microsoft have just announced their latest Surface tablet, which traditionally ran Windows RT, with the Pro models running full fat windows. The Surface 3 is a low cost full Windows laptop that is just 8.7mm thick, and weighing 0.6kgs and has a 10.8-inch screen. It uses … Read more

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 – Create Campaign

Microsoft are on their 3rd iteration of their Surface Pro range. The hybrid tablet with full fat Windows has always been well reviewed but had received criticism for the weight and battery life in comparison to a traditional tablet. Finally with the Surface Pro 3 Microsoft have resolved most of these problems allowing the device to function just as well in tablet and laptop mode and because of this is has received universal acclaim for review sites and regular users themselves. If you are looking for a hybrid tablet it is generally regarded as the top option out there.

In comparison to a Android or Windows RT based tablet the SP3 has 4th generation Intel Core chips going from an i3-4020Y running at 1.5GHz to an i7-4650U running at 1.7GHz to 3.3GHz with Turbo Boost. This allows users to run fully fledged work applications including Photoshop or Dreamweaver. However the power inside the SP3 doesn't mean you have to sacrifice portability as it weighs just 800g making it considerably lighter than a 11-inch Macbook Air and only 350g heavier than a iPad Air 2 which uses mobile components.

To show off the flexibility of the SP3 Microsoft have recently launched a new campaign showing how the it can adapt for multiple situations. For creative types one of its strongest features is the ability to draw directly onto the SP3 with the included stylus rather than having to scan in drawings or use dedicated drawing devices.

You can buy the Surface Pro 3 today from £639.00

Nokia and Windows 7 get friendly.

Nokia, the top dog in mobile phones for so long, finally seeing it’s majority hold on the market slumping with the successes of Apple, BlackBerry and Android mobiles. Many have put this down to the fact it stuck with it’s Symbian mobile platform which didn’t improve as greatly as the other 3 companies operating systems. … Read more

Windows Phone 7 launches on 21 October with 5 phones UK bound

Well it is finally here, Microsoft have finally launched Windows Phone 7, the successor to the dreadful Windows Mobile. In the UK phones will will be available from 21st October, while the US launch will be in early November. The initial response to the OS is extremely positive and with Xbox 360 and Zune integration … Read more

Microsoft Kinect 19th November

Lucky for us we won’t all have to change our consoles hopefully for another few years at least, but we’re going to have to change the way we play them and actually do some work…… Thanks Nintendo Wii. With Playstation’s Move controller due soon and rumours of the Microsoft answer turned into reality the Kinect … Read more

Xbox 360 SLIM

So the rumours were true and to be fair it’s about time. The Xbox 360 slim console has been made official and will be available soon (July 16th). Playstation 3 hasn’t been out nearly as long as the Microsoft console yet they’ve followed the trend of their previous consoles and released smaller, more compact versions … Read more

Microsoft Kin : Project “Pink” incoming

We spoke a month or so ago and got a little bit excited about the prospect of a Microsoft Zune phone which I was hoping was going to be a true iPhone beater sporting the new Windows Mobile 7. Originally the rumours were flying about that the phone development was called project “Pink”. Well Microsoft … Read more

ZUNE PHONE : Microsoft’s iPhone killer?

Quite possibly the best thing i’ve heard this year and if it’s true i may actually wet myself. The Zune is Microsoft’s answer to the iPod. Despite the Americans getting every version we here in the UK seem to keep missing out on the PMP. Now it’s rumoured(quite strongly) that Microsoft will be bringing out … Read more