Casino Night in with Friends – Look out for these Gadgets

Perhaps it’s all the Christmas adverts or the copious amount of mulled wine and eggnog that the local pubs are throwing out, but Christmas to me is all about a hearty meal and a friendly poker game or cheeky craps game to bring out the sibling rivalry. But after several years of being the first one out, I’ve decided to pick up some sure-fire tips and accompanying gadgets to ensure my 2019 victory.

  1. The Loaded Dice: Now this one seems a bit obvious but after a few hours of drinking and stuffing our faces, the ability to switch in some loaded dice isn’t actually that hard. Most of these use lead to make one side heavier than the other, rather than the budget versions that boast only the number 6 on every side (no amount of alcohol could pull that one off!). Widely available at Amazon and several online portals, a few quid might be all it takes to secure my winning position this year.
  2. Edge Sorting: This one doesn’t even cost money to use – just a little time to sort the cards! Having been used in hundreds of different formats around the world to cheat legitimate casinos, there are several options at your disposal. Firstly – if the back of the cards have a distinctive design – rotate the face cards so you know which ones are which. If not … place a small crease at different edges of the cards (the same edge will become obvious) and wait for the cards to be dealt keeping a straight face.
  3. Invisible Ink: An ambitious alternative but fun to try out. Mark the back of the aces (or faces) with invisible ink (you can get this from eBay/Amazon or a number of kids toy stores). Then look out for a smear on the back of the cards – or if you can pull of the sunglasses in doors look – some UV luminous ink glasses will work nicely here … just don’t let anyone else try them on near the cards or your rouse will be up.
  4. Card Counter App: This one is a little more ambitious as it takes prep work to ensure that things are set up correctly, but there are several applications on the Google and Apple store that will help you to count the deck properly, not to mention many free blackjack card counting guides. Most of the paid-for-ones allow you to select between Hi-Lo, Omaha and Hold-Em so you won’t be caught out, and while these won’t help you beat your favourite mobile casino or online live dealer counterparts (since their tech is a little more advanced), these are good for your Christmas card games and even your local poker nights. Just remember to have your bluff face ready. 
  5. Place the Ball: While I tend to steer clear of the Roulette tables (they’ve never been too kind to me), there is a certain comical value to playing the croupier and ‘placing’ the ball. While this sounds almost too silly to be true, the balls themselves are cheap (you can even use a marble) and it’s been done before at real casinos – check out this article for proof!

So there you have it, 5 tips and gadget tricks to help you scam your family at Christmas. After all – it’s not like they didn’t do it to you when they told you Santa was real! (Don’t worry kids – not that you now just up your ante on the presents and see if your parents will really buy you that pony!).

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