The technology available for cars today changes our driving experience. We have come a long way in this field already – with the addition of new innovations helping to make our lives easier and our driving experience more pleasurable. If you are looking for new car tech that will enhance your driving experience, here are a few that you should look out for.

Night vision car technology

Night vision for your vehicle isn’t something new, but it sure is helpful, especially for those who always drive in the dark. Pedestrians may be hard to see at night, especially in roads where there are no lights. Night vision car technology was introduced in 2000 with the Cadillac, but over time other manufacturers have introduced technology that helps to highlight and warn you of pedestrians in the vicinity.

Doze control

One of the leading causes of car accidents is driver tiredness. Volkswagen is in the testing phase of new technology that would tackle that and you can get your hands on this car technology sooner than you think. The doze control technology works with the use of a computer and an electric power steering that takes control of the vehicle when it senses that the car is drifting off the course, such as when the driver is drowsy. This is one of the ways in which technology acts as the safety net for the driver.

Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety (DADSS)

Another helpful car technology that is changing our driving experience is the Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety. With the DADSS, you can no longer operate your vehicle when it detects that you have had alcohol beyond the limit. The DADSS is currently being tested and its target market is said to be commercial vehicles, government vehicles, and teens.

Parental control

This car technology allows parents to make sure that their teens are safe on the road while they are driving. Ford has released a MyKey system, which allows parents to limit the speed of the car at 80 mph. Additionally, the parental control technology gives off a continuous alarm if the seatbelts are left unfastened while the car is moving. This is one car technology that will put parents’ minds at ease.

Blind spot

A number of innovations are helping to eliminate the blind spot for a driver. For larger vehicles, cameras and sensors combine to give a 360-degree view with alerts to let a driver know of an obstacle. Meanwhile, some smaller vehicles now come with the ability for drivers to ‘see through’ the pillars in their vehicle, with screens displaying the world outside for the driver to see.

Technology and driving clearly go hand in hand. Right from the start of the process when learners log on to download and use material to help with driving theory, the on-the-road experience is closely wedded to our computers and smartphones. Through new innovations technology can help us learn to drive, make it easier to drive and make us all safer when we’re behind the wheel. All the signs are that process is only set to accelerate further in the coming years as manufacturers work to wards the ultimate goal of making a driverless vehicle.

All this new tech requires lots of power though so we will no doubt become more reliant on batteries in our cars, and you buy car batteries in the UK from Hardware Express at very reasonable prices.

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