Can Video Roulette Be Replicated on PlayStation?

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What Is Video Roulette?

If you have ever visited a casino or seen what it looks like on TV, you must have seen a roulette table somewhere. Roulette is a classic table casino game with a betting area where different numbers and betting options are listed and a roulette ball that lands on one of the numbered pockets on a spinning roulette wheel.

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This traditional casino game has found its way to online casinos that allow their players to have the same casino real-money gaming experience from the comfort of their homes or anywhere else. If you are passionate about casinos where a little goes a long way then this low deposit casino site will help.

Video roulette is a version of traditional roulette that lets players play on a machine rather than a casino table. Video roulette cabinet machines resemble those of slot and poker games but are more directed towards those players who like to play on their own. By playing solo, they control the game’s flow, have access to detailed statistics on previous spins, and no tipping of the dealer is required.

Recently, casinos have been exploring the option of merging the online casino gaming world with that of gaming consoles. We are now going to look into that possibility in the article below.

Casino Games Possible on PlayStation?

There is no denying that online casino gaming is a vast enterprise, thanks mostly to online slots and roulette games. Given how much revenue online casino gaming is generating, it is no wonder that so many gaming console manufacturers are tempted to bring online casino gaming to their consoles.

The players seem excited to try their favorite casino games on their PlayStation and Xbox devices, but the developers still haven’t made any moves in that direction. It appears that gaming giants like Microsoft and Sony are reluctant to allow casino gaming on their consoles as it would undoubtedly promote real-money gambling, and that has always been a serious topic.

However, social gaming and casinos seem to be taking the iGaming market by storm, and gaming consoles couldn’t stay immune for long, which is why players can already play social casino games they can download from the PlayStation Store and Microsoft Online Store.

Since games for PlayStation and Xbox vary in themes and gaming options, it is only a matter of time when casino games will be added into the mix. Maybe, once Sony releases the PS5 after the coronavirus pandemic is over, we could see some casino games on this highly-anticipated gaming console.

Can Video Roulette Be Played on PlayStation?

From a technical standpoint, video roulette can be designed for PlayStation consoles thanks to modern technology the game makers now use. Online casino software developers are among the leaders in gaming innovation, so making a standalone video roulette game shouldn’t be too much of a problem. We can already see in PlayStation games, such as The Four Kings Casino, how players can use 3D avatars to go around a casino floor and play slot and video poker machines.

PlayStation players are sure that the introduction of in-game video roulette would be a great addition to the world of PlayStation gaming, especially if the games come in free-play and real-money modes so that the novice roulette players don’t have to wager any real money when trying out the games.

However, some estimate that the implementation of video roulette games in PlayStation social casinos will jeopardize their initial purpose. Also, some players believe that in-game video roulette might lead to more real-money losses for players, which goes against the purpose of console gaming.

So, it might be safe to say that implementing video roulette machines with different roulette games won’t be done in the same way as in online casinos.

Still, a number of standalone PlayStation games, like The Four Kings Casino, Pure Hold ’Em, Prominence Poker, and High Roller Casino, have shown us that the implementation of video roulette machines in PlayStation games is possible.

Recently, Rockstar Games was contemplating the idea of introducing a casino into the online platform of its famed GTA5 game. Implementing a casino in GTA5 would allow players to play casino games for real money within the game, but the idea was abandoned in favor of the development of GTA6.

While there are some gaming enthusiasts who prefer classic roulette, most others have voiced their support for video roulette machines and can’t wait to play them on their gaming consoles.

No one knows for sure if they will be able to do so since not much progress has been made on the issue. Classic roulette table games are already available on PlayStation, but video roulette machines are still not widely accessible.

PlayStation gaming enthusiasts remain on the lookout for any updates from Sony, and when we consider the technological advancements and strides that have been made in game development, we just might see a merger of gaming consoles and casino games in the future.