Long are the days where you could open an Argos catalogue and pick a TV from it with peace of mind. Of course, the overall look of a TV is important but what’s beneath the screen is of paramount importance.

Buying a TV is by no means easy – there’s the 3D option (which should be avoided), 4K TVs (which look set to be insane) and there’s even curved televisions entering the market. It is no longer as simple as picking a TV because it has a VHS slot! Here’s what you must consider when buying a TV.

Shelf Life

If you look at a television like an investment, a good one should last your ten years and thus makes the original outlay seem a lot more realistic. Most TVs are extremely reliable and aren’t likely to break but most shops will offer you extended warranties. If you’d rather be safe, you can search for options online and click here for a thorough comparison of TV extended warranties. To keep all bases covered, warranties are very important. Shelf life is not only about how long it will last you, but also about how long the TV will stay relevant. If you are treating yourself to a TV, it’s always best to go for one of the newer options. They will cost more and will have a more expensive warranty. However, five years down the line your, TV won’t be obsolete.


People make the cardinal sin of think bigger is best. What many people fail to realise that if you are buying a 65” TV and the free-space you’ve allowed for it comes to 50” then you have a problem. Always measure the area where you plan to put your new TV and account for this in your selection. Nobody wants to go through the heartache of seeing a 65’ Plasma carried into your front room and then carried out again two hours later. Save yourself the hassle and get your dimensions right.


Arguably the most important factor in your TV selection, you want and need to know what your TV is packing, which in turn helps you work out the cost-benefit analysis needed. Picture quality is always the place to start, if you have the money to get a 4K TV then do, if not, the minimum picture quality you can justify is 1080p. Sound is just as important as sight so you want to check out the speakers, make sure they have a decent subwoofer in the back. A good sound system can really take the Countdown theme tune to unprecedented new heights. As the Internet is becoming ever more entwined with television you’ll want to look into a smart TV, with the ability to surf the web and stream on-demand programmes, it really does make your overall television experience so much better.


Of course you need to factor in price but it should always come after checking out the features. If one TV offers you much more, then the features not the price should take precedence.  You also shouldn’t give too much weight to free extras, usually they are there to compensate for the TV not compliment.

Now there is no exact science for choosing your TV but one thing is for sure, it requires effort. Not as much effort as buying a house but at least as much effort as buying a car.

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