It seems a somewhat outlandish idea at first: receiving your internet transmissions from Outer Space. And yet, it is exactly this that has allowed Eutelsat Broadband to revolutionise the way we perceive the possibilities of Internet connections. In fact, although the science behind the idea may be highly complicated, and the technology at the vanguard of mechanical development, the idea is strikingly simple.

What Is Satellite Broadband and How Does it Work?

Eutelsat – as the name suggests – is a company that knows their satellites, having been working at the forefront of this sector since the 1970s. The most recent project of the Eutelsat team has seen them turn their attentions, in keeping with the rest of the modern world, to the Internet, and more specifically how to focus their technology and expertise on becoming a revolution amongst broadband service providers. Transmissions are sent from the KA-SAT, Europe’s biggest and most advanced High Throughput Satellite, which allows the re-use of frequencies as many as 20 times, or, in terms we can all understand, a mind-blowing increase in bandwidth size and upstream speeds of 50mbps. The KA-SAT employs 82 spot beams, which can be thought of as spotlights, projecting Internet connections to any desired location on Earth.

What Does This Mean For the Modern Business?

It’s all very fancy and impressive, you might say, but why should I need Internet from Space when it works just fine here on Earth?  Eutelsat believe that in a world of global business and economy, good enough doesn’t cut it anymore. Poor quality connections can have serious consequences for the productivity and success of a business. With Eutelsat Broadband, such problems become a thing of the past, as the satellite is unaffected by whatever happens on Earth, thus guaranteeing uninterrupted transmissions.
Furthermore, thanks to the spot beam technology, Internet in isolated areas is no longer either an impossibility or of poor quality; high-speed connections can be projected to literally anywhere. This means that global partnerships and relationships can grow without limitation.

How User-Friendly is it Really?

Such high-tech connections sound appealing but can be somewhat daunting to those not well-versed in the ins and outs of Internet systems, whilst one of the first things that springs to mind is understandably that such a high quality service must be very costly. Eutelsat Broadband, however, proves to be an extremely cost-effective solution. With all the transmissions sent from the KA-SAT, there is no need to build costly and cumbersome terrestrial structures and landlines, and thus expenses are greatly reduced. This not only from a monetary perspective, but also in terms of the environment, a responsibility that weighs greatly on all of us. Transmissions from Space leave no trace on Earth and can therefore significantly lessen your carbon footprint. In terms of installation, with the Tooway satellite anyone can make the most of Eutelsat Broadband services, with a simple pack made up of a small satellite dish and a modem – it’s quick and involves none of the hassle one might expect.

In a world where the impossible often becomes the necessary, Eutelsat Broadband is a company which thinks outside the box to provide not only high quality solutions, but also opportunities we may have never thought possible.

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