Building New Skills: 3 Reasons Your Hero Skills are Important in Games

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Nowadays, the mobile marketplace is flooded with apps and games, and as time goes on, this phenomenon will become increasingly more prominent. As a result of this, only the top-quality games 33are able to stand the test of time. In other words: the developers are essentially forced to come up with various ways to keep them fresh and exciting over the long haul, and hero skills are one of the ways they can achieve this. Let’s briefly examine why:

Hero skills are like a tree you can branch out in a myriad of ways

Looking at the concrete example of Final Fantasy XV: a new empire mobile app, the hero skills are presented in the form of a skill tree. Simply put, this allows you to develop your hero in various different ways, picking exactly the skills you want, thus creating a character that is unique to your preferences and needs.

Theoretically speaking, it’s possible to copy another player’s hero skills (as the power gamers often do, since their aim is becoming the absolute fiercest force to be reckoned with), but in practice, this is very rarely the case. Final Fantasy XV mobile app also allows you to equip your character with different items that have a direct impact on what you can do in the game, so it’s rarely to see two in-game heroes turn out to be exactly alike.

A divergence in strategies

Expanding on the previous point, keeping things fresh is only one part of the overall equation; the other is the strategic variety the hero skills tend to introduce to the game in one way or another. With in-depth knowledge of the game you’re playing, you can make a prediction on what the opponent is going to do next, then play around it – this is achieved by being familiar with different hero skills in the game, as well as being observant to what the enemy seems to be doing.

This creates a ton on options on the battlefield; you develop your character to fulfil a certain role, or simply having the best skills available. Alternatively, you could also develop your hero skills in such a way that they counter the most popular strategies most opponents are using. In the end, it’s up to you.

Short-term vs. long-term rewards

Certain games like Final Fantasy XV teach you an important lesson in avoiding short-term gratification in favor of long-term rewards (also known as delayed gratification). For example, at some point, you will need to make the following decision: will your increase your army’s firepower or your ability to gather resources at a faster rate?

Going for a stronger army right from the start will increase your overall power faster, but if you choose the latter option instead, you will be able to increase it much more in the future and at a faster rate (at the cost of sacrificing your start-game efficiency). Do you see the complexity of the decisions you’re presented with and how they impact the gameplay itself?


Hero skills are the epitome of freshness, strategy, and creativity. Can you put your creative genius to work and crush your virtual opposition?

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