Brits Abroad: 5 fun family-friendly games you can play on your video call

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Since the outbreak of coronavirus last year, we’ve all been heavily relying on technology to stay in touch with friends and relatives. For Brits living abroad in countries like France and Spain, lockdowns have meant that technology has been the only way they can speak to their family.

If you live abroad and you’re new to the technology scene, then don’t worry! There are plenty of telecom and communications options out there for you to try, like this company, which can get you online quickly. 

If you’re a pro at technology, then it’s likely that you’re already used to the idea of group video-calls with your friends and family. But, if you’re getting a bit tired of the repetitiveness, it could be a good idea to inject some fun into your weekly catchup chat. Why not introduce some fun party games to shake things up? Not only will it be fun, but it’ll create some worthwhile memories to treasure!

Here are our suggestions for your next family video-call!

20 Questions

20 questions is a great way of getting to know your friends and relatives even better over the next few months of lockdown and social distance restrictions. Unsure of how to play it? This classic game is pretty simple and easy to play. You ask each member of your group twenty questions that you may not know the answer to. No matter how well you all know each other, you can guarantee that there’ll be a few unexpected answers!

Virtual Quiz

Are you and your friends missing your local pub quiz? Why not host your own virtual quiz over video-call? Don't slack on your trivia skills, with a virtual quiz you can still practice them while social distancing. Split off into teams and host your own creative quiz, or play along with a live stream one, such as Jay’s Virtual Pub Quiz.


Another classic party game that works just as well on video as it does in person! Simply split your group into two teams and take your turn in choosing some words and phrases to act out. You can even use a handy online charades idea generator if you’re stuck for some examples. Charades is always a fun family-friendly game that everyone can play – including both adults and kids!

*And here’s some of the not so family-friendly ones!*

Cards Against Humanity

This NSFW adults only game needs to be kept out of reach of children! Just like the traditional card game they made, the creators of Cards of Humanity have made an online version for people to play on their video-calls. If you all want to make your own version, you can download their PDF template on their website. Remember, the ruder and more creative answers usually end up winning, so get your thinking cap on!

Most Likely To…

This is a great drinking game you can incorporate on your weekly video call with your friends. The rules are easy; simply put forward different ‘most likely to’ situations to your group. For example, ‘who is most likely to own a zoo’ and ‘who is most likely to become famous?’ You all then have to decide who in your group would be most likely to do that thing. The person you choose has to drink!

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